Lisa Carter


Lisa Carterís paintings reference landscape through her expressive, gestural marks and clever use of materials where chance always plays a part. In her newest body of work, there is a balance between what can be seen in the landscape and forms emerging from the artistís imagination. Some paintings have a psychological tension provoked by speedy accidental marks as a result of the materials being used and their means of making. These paintings resonate in our minds because they remind us of marks that have their context in art history.

Lisa Carter was born in Cardiff in 1972 and studied at Central Saint Martin's. In 1991 she won the National Eisteddfod Scholarship Award at Bro Delyn. Having now settled in Llannefydd, North Wales, in 2010 she was selected for the Lle Celf exhibition at the National Eisteddfod in Bala and the Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize. Lisa says of her paintings "This work is the exploration of the relationship between my imagination and my natural surroundings. I have an interest in ambiguity, information and shadows that pass in the periphery of our vision and are then enhanced by the mind."